Gratitude that touches us

A thank-you message that touches our hearts and beckons us to the cause again

Medical Camp - 30th Sep 2007 - Karunalaya School - Munnekolalu


The President, Zone Chairperson

Lions Club International

Sub: Medical Camp.


Greetings from St.Marys school, Munnekolalu. We are grateful to you, for the successful Medical camp which was held on 30th of September 2007.We place on record our heartfelt thanks to the team of Doctors and other staff especially the members of White field club. We were encouraged by their sacrificial service for our poor children I also thank you for bringing such an energetic group of people to help in different ways. We are looking forward to have them for the camps in the future.

My sincere thanks to you and Sheela for your help. I am sure our children will be blessed with all your care and services.

With sincere thanks

Rev. Sr. Thankamma Varkey

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